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Welcome My Scrapbooking Friend!

Are you curious about the world of Scrapbooking?  Don’t know where to get started, well you came to the right place! Here you will find all kinds of information to help you get started preserving your family’s precious memories…

With a few basic supplies, you can put together a beautiful memory using a cherished
photograph in 5 easy steps:

Now that you’ve got all your supplies together, your inspiration and education underway, you should be ready to scrap! My advice is to start out simple. It is easy to be overwhelmed by what you see in the magazines, in stores, and online. But there’s no need to be scared! Some of the most attractive pages are those that are extremely simple. You’re going to want to try out a lot of the new techniques that you have learned, but I wouldn’t advise trying them all out on one layout. Pick one new technique, and apply that to your scrapbook page. Eventually, after you get the hang of everything, you can begin adding more than one technique to your pages. Keep in mind that there are no mistakes in scrapbooking, just room for embellishing. Never be afraid to try new things, and new techniques.

I’ve had many friends and family tell me they could never do what I do because they aren’t creative. I personally believe this is a myth that most people convince themselves of. Sure, there are those few select people with natural artistic ability, but most people have what I call a “hidden artistic talent” just waiting to come out of hiding! By utilizing the resources at this website, you’ll soon be well on your way to creating beautiful scrapbook pages in no time at all.

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Scrapbooking 101 was created by paper artist Marie Drahorad at Stampaloooza
Paper Art Studios
to share her love and passion for scrapbooking. She also tries to raise awareness about the importance of inclusion in special needs children.  She is the mother of two children with rare vision disabilities.  Early on in her motherhood Marie recognized the need to stress to schools and public officials the importance of inclusion in special needs children.  As a result she has assisted with legislation that recognizes this importance as well as allow children with her children’s rare vision disability on special school programs called IEPs.  Her special needs children have truly benefitted by her dilligence and advocacy in this area and are now beautifully grown teenagers who enjoy soccer, school and friends.  If you can, please check out the
Scrapbooking4Inclusion section of this website…

you can make a difference…
one heart… one child at a time!

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